Purchasing philosophy

The Purchasing department at FTE automotive is the international partner for our development department, plants, and suppliers. We look for intensive and long-term relationships with suppliers, in order to achieve the highest level of quality and efficiency together. Therefore together we make a considerable contribution to the company's success. Our accomplished supply base will support the following basic reqirements with us.

Occupational health & safety, the environment and energy

Occupational health & safety, environmental protection and energy efficiency are important components of our corporate strategy. Therefore, we maintain an occupational health & safety, environment and energy management system and are certified in accordance with OHRIS and ISO 14001. We expect our suppliers to comply, as a minimum, with the legal regulations regarding occupational health and safety and the environment, and to handle natural resources with care, to work energy efficient, to supply us with reliable and environmentally compatible products, and to exhibit corresponding management systems.

Customer satisfaction

Our customers are the focus of our actions. They expect top quality, reliability, innovativeness, and competitiveness from us. The targets of our Purchasing department are based on the requirements and satisfaction of our customers.

Partnership collaboration

In collaboration with our suppliers, we pursue a philosophy of long-term cooperation in the form of a partnership for mutual benefit. Suppliers are partners with the ability to fulfill high customer requirements. We involve our suppliers in the product creation process at an early stage so that we can achieve optimal quality and value design of the purchased products and the end products.

Quality responsibility

Our suppliers know the quality requirements of the automotive industry and bring them to life. They also have a certified QM system. They pursue the notion of a "zero-error strategy" and assume responsibility for the quality of their products.

Cost responsibility

To be able to succeed in global competition, we are largely dependent on market-driven pricing by our suppliers. We expect our suppliers to be willing to agree on price targets and the systematic development and implementation of rationalization and saving potentials.