Modern "X-by-Wire" applications, automated gearshifts (ASG) and dual clutch transmissions (DKG) could not be realized without high-quality displacement sensors on the clutch actuators, concentric slave cylinder and clutch slave.

The behavior of the sensors in the installation space and via temperature are simulated for each application and are thus optimally tuned to the overall system.

Clutch master cylinder

To improve safety, comfort and responsiveness, the cruise control system, start lock, electrical parking brake, torque adjustment and start-stop functions are currently realized with a displacement sensor on the clutch master.

Cruise control system:

As soon as the clutch pedal is actuated, the cruise control system is deactivated.

Start lock:

The vehicle only starts when the clutch is fully depressed.

Electrical parking brake:

The electrical parking brake is actuated according to the clutch travel.

Torque adjustment:

The driver's clutch engaging and disengaging behavior is reported to the engine control unit via the clutch master sensor (anti-jerking function).

Start-stop function:

For this, during a long stop, e.g. at a red traffic light, the combustion engine is switched off in order to save fuel and avoid emissions.