Gear Shift Module
Gear Shift Module
Innovative component with many functions and easy installation

Highly innovative and cost-saving

Transmission actuation

FTE automotive develops most advanced hydraulic transmission components for automatic and dual clutch transmissions. By using high-quality thermoplastics, which meet the highest functional requirements while at the same time ensuring a high degree of cost-efficiency, these parts contribute to weight reduction and thus to significant decreases in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. Their individual and needs-based design makes it possible that in each case the appropriate product can be developed in collaboration with the customer.



Transmission actuation

Gear shift cylinder

Actuating shift rails by means of gear shift cylinders

Gear shift cylinders from FTE automotive are tried and trusted elements in automated manual transmissions and dual clutch transmissions. They are mounted on the ends of the shift rails via which they engage the gears. When using them, they can be very flexibly installed.

Gear shift module

Actuating shift rails by means of a gear shift module

In the innovative gear shift module, several gear shift cylinders are combined into a single unit which is equipped with an integrated displacement sensor system. The module is equally used in automated manual transmissions and dual clutch transmissions, and just like the gear shift cylinders, it also ensures a fast and safe shifting of gears. As is the case with the housing of the gear shift cylinders, the housing of the module is also characterized by a particularly great freedom in design and by wear resistance over lifetime and temperature range. The compact design of the module allows an easy installation.

Cooling oil valve

Protecting dual clutches from overheating

The cooling oil valve is applied in dual clutch transmissions. It ensures that, during starting and shifting, cooling oil is appropriately diverted from the main oil flow to the dual clutch in order that optimum heat dissipation is achieved on the latter. Due to its integrated valve arrangement, the component is very compact and requires very little space in the transmission.

Park lock actuator

Electrohydraulically or electromechanically preventing vehicles from rolling away

The park lock actuators operate the park lock in automatic and dual clutch transmissions. In the electrohydraulic version, a hydraulic cylinder causes the lock to engage or disengage, while the respective switch position is secured by an electromagnet; at this, cylinder and magnet can be placed and switched according to customer specification. In the electromechanical design, the lock is engaged and disengaged by an electric motor which operates a cone via a simple transmission. In both versions, the combined use of high-strength plastic for the housing on the one hand and overmolded steel components in mechanically highly loaded areas on the other hand makes for an effective weight and cost reduction while meeting the highest functional demands at the same time.