Die Reduzierung der Schwingungen im Kupplungsbetätigungs- system besitzt bei FTE automotive einen sehr hohen Stellenwert.

Oscillation damper

At FTE automotive, reducing oscillations in the clutch actuation system is one of our main priorities. The driver feels these oscillations as vibrations on the clutch pedal during actuation or when the clutch pedal is depressed. We therefore produce different components which have been specifically calibrated to the different vehicles and engines.

a) Frequency modulator

This component damps vibrations on the pedal particularly well in the dynamic range, i. e. during actuation of the clutch. But this component can also reduce higher frequency oscillations, such as noises. The positioning of the component is determined by the vehicle set-up, which is performed at FTE automotive.

b) Oscillation absorber

The oscillation absorber works mainly in the static range and is available with different damping levels. Pressure oscillations can be blocked completely up to a certain line. The damping level is defined by the vehicle set-up. To save costs and weight, these components are made from plastic.