Der Doppelzentral- einrücker arbeitet wie ein normaler Zentral- ausrücker, jedoch mit zwei konzentrisch angeordneten Kolben.

Dual concentric slave cylinder

Note the Dual Clutch works with mineral oil as it is in the transmission.

The dual concentric slave cylinder works like a conventional concentric slave cylinder, but with two concentric pistons. Independently of each other, the pistons actuate each one of the radial clutches, via the extremely space-saving bearing design. Unlike the standard clutch, actuation creates disengagement of driveline, i.e. the clutch is closed, in order to transfer torque.

Actuation is electrohydraulic, via a power pack. The volume flow via the pressure at the respective piston is controlled by valves.

The piston position is determined by two extremely small, electrical, and thus wear-free displacement sensors, which work reliably and independently of each other at temperatures from -40°C to +180°C.