Der Zentralausrücker besitzt ein Kunststoff- gehäuse und ist bis 40 bar Betriebsdruck ausgelegt. 

Concentric slave cylinder

NOTE Mineral oil may be used in some off highway application but not on passenger cars.

The concentric slave cylinder has a plastic housing and is designed for an operating pressure of up to 40 bar. To gain more space, it is designed in two parts and is equipped with a steel guide sleeve. This enables small axial and radial sizes.

The sensor is screwed securely onto the housing; the magnet is seated in a plastic carrier, which can be moved axially and is moved by the bearing without play. Brake fluid is used as the operating medium. The piston has a stroke limit on the guide sleeve so that the clutch cannot be subject to excessive pressure in the event of "false triggering" of the automatic actuation mechanism (max. 45 bar). The radial shaft sealing ring is preassembled on the guide sleeve. The transmission cover is integrated in the connecting pieces of the concentric slave cylinder.