Die Kupplungsleitung überträgt den Druck vom Kupplungsgeber zum Nehmerzylinder oder Zentralausrücker.

Clutch pipe assemblies

Clutch pipes carry the hydraulic pressure between the master and slave cylinders.

a) Standard pipes with a pipe-hose-pipe arrangement

With this design the hose stiffness can be matched to the hydraulic volume consumption of the clutch actuation system, through the selection of hose with an appropriate stiffness. In this manner a soft hose can be used to prevent over-stroking the clutch in an otherwise stiff clutch release system, and a stiff hose can reduce lost travel when there is a risk that the release travel would otherwise be inadequate.

If required, suitable support brackets can also be supplied.

b) Plastic clutch pipe assembly

To reduce weight and cost, plastic is also used as a material for the clutch pipe assembly. The connection fittings are laser welded onto the clutch pipe assembly.

Flexible production means different internal and external diameters are possible. Safety hoses or brackets can also be fitted to the plastic clutch pipe assembly.

The version shown here is combined with a frequency modulator.