Brake master cylinder

The brake master cylinder, also simply called the master cylinder, is used in the brake system to generate the hydraulic pressure applied to the wheel brakes by the hydraulic brake application elements. The hydraulic pressure is proportional to the force initiated on the brake master cylinder piston. The brake force generated on the wheel brakes is proportional to this pressure and thus also the force on the brake master cylinder piston.

In addition to the task of generating pressure in the hydraulic brake system, the brake master cylinder also has to supply the amount of fluid required for the brake process, in order to bring the hydraulic brake application elements (wheel brake cylinder or brake caliper) out of idle position after overcoming the air clearance in the application position. The brake master cylinder must apply additional volume to compensate for elastic deformations and hose expansion, setting of seals and compression of the residual air remaining in the system.

FTE automotive develops and produces master cylinders with different diameters and in different variants.