Bremsschläuche wer- den in Bremssystemen zur Übertragung des hydraulischen Druckes, vor allem am Über- gang von starren zu beweglichen Bau- elementen, verwendet.

Brake hoses

Brake hoses are used in the brake systems to transfer hydraulic pressure, above all at the transition from rigid to flexible components. Depending on the purpose, the use of different materials and their combinations enables optimal chemical resistance (mineral oil or brake fluid.

The hoses consist of a rubber inner layer (bore), two fabric layers made of low-expansion rayon and, on top of this, a further layer of rubber (coating) as protection for the fabric below.

According to requirements, the design and composition can be adapted to the respective customer requirements. Special requests, such as aramid hoses or particular safety hoses and coils, are taken into account.

Brake hoses