Das Bremsaggregat ermöglicht die Verringerung der Betätigungskraft an der Bremse eines Fahrzeugs, die zum Erreichen der gewünschten Brems- wirkung benötigt wird.

Brake booster

The brake assembly (brake booster + master cylinder + expansion tank or reservoir) makes it possible to reduce the actuation force required on a vehicle's brakes to achieve the desired braking effect.

The brake booster uses a pressure differential to support the force applied by the driver's foot. In general, the required pressure difference on a gasoline engine is generated in the intake manifold, and on a diesel engine it is generated by a separate vacuum pump. The ratio shows the relationship between the force applied to the piston rod and the output force of the brake unit.

The brake booster of FTE automotive with Dual-Rate-function is the result of many years of experience and innovation. With the same pedal force, it achieves a significantly higher brake force than a conventional brake booster.