In the fields of brake testing, oscillation analysis and mold construction, we also offer our skill and experience to our customers and partners in the form of extensive development support.

Flywheel mass test bench

To support your brake development, FTE automotive offers exact Dynometer Testing. Our ultra modern flywheel mass test bench provides every customer with tailored tests under individual conditions with regard to temperature, speed, pressure and humidity – fast, accurate and safe.

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Oscillation analysis

For oscillation analysis in the vehicle, FTE automotive provides corresponding equipment and technical competence, in order to analyze NVH problems and develop solutions.

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Mold construction

Efficient tool and mold construction guarantees the precision of our series produced and prototype parts. Molds for plastic injection-molded parts are produced according to the requirements of the proprietary development department or according to customer requests.

High-speed milling machines and wire and die sinking machines guarantee maximum precision in the implementation of drawing specifications or 3-D model implementation (CADCAM).

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