Suppliers / business partners

Occupational health & safety and environmental protection are important components of our corporate strategy. Therefore, we maintain an occupational health & safety and environment management system and are certified in accordance with OHRIS and ISO 14001. We also expect our suppliers to comply, as a minimum, with the legal regulations regarding occupational health and safety and the environment, and to handle natural resources with care, to supply us with reliable and environmentally compatible products, and to exhibit corresponding management systems or comparable standards.

FTE automotive undertakes to follow the model of sustainability, which comprises three dimensions of responsibility:

  • FTE automotive is responsible for the profitability and permanent economic success of the company.
  • FTE automotive is responsible for the protection of resources and conservation of an intact environment for present and future generations.
  • FTE automotive assumes its responsibility to society as well as the people involved in the business activity of the company or affected by its impacts.

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Environment and sustainable products

We aim to proactively avoid harmful impacts on the environment, we handle raw materials and energy sparingly and we understand environmental protection to be an integral approach.