The dual degree program – the perfect combination of theory and practice. An effective and successful alternative to classical university and technical college education.

Shadow the professionals. Carry out your internship at FTE automotive.

We offer students of mechanical engineering, automotive engineering, electrical engineering, industrial engineering, and business management the possibility of gaining their first professional experiences as an intern.

You can gain practical experiences in the following areas:

  • Rubber/plastic technology
  • Assembly
  • Mechanical production
  • Sales (OE/aftermarket)
  • Controlling
  • Quality and environment management
  • HR
  • IT-Systems

We offer approx. EUR 500 per month as payment for an internship.

By way of preparation for a course of study, we also offer pre-university internships lasting four to eight weeks.

Dual Studies

Do you want to gain experience of the modern working world and apply your theoretical knowledge in practice? We offer you the ideal conditions to do so.

Cooperative University and FTE automotive - a model for sucess

Study at a cooperative university or technical college is becoming increasingly attractive! The link between theory and practice, the switch between practical work in the company – the so-called "operating phases" – and academic learning at the university make the jump into professional life easier. Based on these solid, practical experiences, cooperative university graduates are sought-after employees. 

FTE automotive cooperates with DHBW (Baden-Württemberg Cooperative State University). After three years, students achieve a "Bachelor's" degree. If you add on another 2-4 semesters, you can qualify for a "Master's" degree.

At FTE automotive, we focus on the field of "TFS" (Vehicle System Engineering), but other courses are also offered in (Friedrichshafen)/Ravensburg ( You can find out more on the homepage of the BA at

In times of further education fees and rising costs, we have more good news for you: for a BA degree program, we offer an apprenticeship payment of approx. EUR 800 per month.


  • general/course-related higher education entrance standard

Diploma Theses

At FTE automotive, you will find interesting and challenging topics for your thesis. You will be given professional support by our experts.

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