Impulse filling and bleeding device

It is very easy to service hydraulic systems with the FTE pulse filler and bleeder device. All clutch and brake systems, including systems with ABS, EDS, ESP and SBC, can be easily and safely filled, rinsed and bled by one person in the workshop. A pulsing liquid flow reliably removes air bubbles in the hydraulic system and the automatic self-bleeding ensures a bubble-free brake fluid change. The device detects a low brake fluid level promptly and automatically switches off before the brake fluid in the reserve tank runs short. The automatic deactivation function prevents air entering the hydraulics system. The electro-hydraulic extractor allows the reservoir tank to be fully emptied. A seal test can also be run to detect leaks in the brake system in the low-pressure range. The device stands out thanks to its versatility and it is suitable for small and large workshops alike.