The wheel cylinder converts the hydraulic pressure coming from the master cylinder via the pistons into force.

Wheel cylinders

As the first manufacturer of wheel cylinders made from aluminum extruded sections, this technology is allowing FTE automotive to set the quality standards for this product. Aluminum wheel cylinders for the aftermarket from FTE's in-house production line match original wheel cylinders in respect of casing material and rubber parts. In order to achieve the longevity of the original, the rubber parts are coordinated precisely to the surface quality of the piston running surfaces.

Apart from aluminum wheel cylinders, FTE automotive also offers a wide range of cast-iron wheel cylinders.

The full range of FTE wheel cylinders covers more than 85% of the passenger car vehicle stock in Europe.

In addition, FTE automotive offers wheel cylinders for almost 500 different commercial vehicles, making it the largest supplier of wheel cylinders in this segment of all suppliers listed in TecDoc.